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Magic Kingdom Entry by TheLittlehoneybee
Magic Kingdom Entry
I have enterd :iconask-olive-and-oliver: citizen contest. and you shoudl doteh same. cause magic yo!! *throws sparkles in the air*

Name: Lola Polis
Age: 20s 
gender: Female
Magic- Earth magic (but very bright from she dos also alot of performing magic)
Familer- Snake. (a white snake that usualy is around her neck or as a tattoo along her back)
Job- Magic shop ower/ Teacher to early magic users. (she also trades with enchanted iteams and magic things)
Personality: Enthusiastic about her work, always exspirimenting with magic things. Likes to go out and collect her own material.
Family- Dad is a sky pirate who helps her out with getting material. Mom was a sky pirate too but she was lost during a voiage.
History- WIP

Her hair gos all the way down to her feet when undone.
The littler parts on the side always has the silver parts in them.
Is very inter the magic kingdom tradicians.
Can sky surf.
floats constantly
Her voice is  Laura bell bundy (Ell from legaly blonde the musical. i love her very  much. such a talented women =w= :heart:

so far thats all i got for her. and i hope it works.
Cause i do enjoy how she came out. plus shes fun to draw
Sketch-Mirror by TheLittlehoneybee
Okay its just a sketch. But i am super proud of this picture.
Like backshots ingeneral are not easy to draw for many reasons, but also doing them is well..boring. (unless its ment to be like a sexy kinda thing of show of motion of the character taking cloths off. or something. well point is. usualy backshots ingerneal are boring and are usualy not the focus on something)
But i was doing some poses sketchs and wanted to give myself a challenge. so i did a back shot and kikue tends to be my model. and...and....i really lik eit
like it took a couple of redoing and alot of erasing to get it just right. and yeah the mirror shot needs some tweeking and work but still!!
im going to color it. but i watned to posted this now, cause im impatient
Hair play by TheLittlehoneybee
Hair play
i have lots of kikue drawings i have done that i like. which im going to color and post


Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2014, 11:11 PM
I have returned from the new of york.
Had a good time hanging out with ocean and her friend. It was nice.
I think i want to attempt to do more traveling by train. its a good way and is alot less stressfull then a damn air port i can tell you that.

Either way. i have returned. and i am possibly going to post some of the cosplay picture i have taken while iw as at the con.
and color some doodles that i drew while there.
ocean doodled in my book a couple times. i love it when people do that

So yeah
possibly exspect things.
but will have to see
im back home and back to getting ready to do another interview for a job. woop woop


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HoneyBeeMelissa13 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Filmographer
Question for the admin: If you could decide the personality and physical features of the next disney princess, how would you make them and why?
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Thanks so much for the fav!~<3 omfg your webcam is beautiful~
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th-thankyou for the favs and the watch!! ohmigosh sdfghj :heart:
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not as amazing as yours I will admit I had seen you a few times and I was just all AAAHHH over your gallery and just sat there STARING AT IT ALL
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i was ashamed of myself that i wasn't watching you sooner. you is wonderfull <3
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