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Forget winter. Spring lilybees

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Some of the amazing peeps i know!!!


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Who should i do the blind date Rp Starter with 

5 deviants said Swii (raspberry deer)
3 deviants said Yin (tea queen)
3 deviants said Cyan (radioactive man)
1 deviant said Cristy (cookie witch)

SO a idea came to my mind

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 10:45 PM
-You do not have to read this. if you wanna. go for it. but this is kinda a reminder to myself and me speaking outloud.-

I was lisiong to game grumps. I do that alot when im just doodling. and its their pokemon episode. and they were talking about this method that they both use to like kinda get somethings done. which is called

don't break the chain.

And i think im going to give that a try, like just because why not, who knows. i might actuly get things done that i really wanna get done!

But im adding my own little twist to it.
Cause im going to have it. atleast every day draw something comic related. A scene. a dialog thing, creature. anything. Just got to be kinda related to the comics i wanna do.
Every wensday. Different style Exspiriment. Try a different style that inspires and give it a wirl.
Every/other saturday. Scan pictures/Color something. sence saturdays tend to always be a day off for me. I want them to be a day to actuly truly attempt to get something digitaly done.

So the don't break the chain for me shall beigin on feb first.
And if i can accomplish this on something i like and really want to do.
Maybe then i can put this method to use on other things.

Here is hopeing i don't juts desided fuck it after 2 days! woo! back to bed i go

Other Places to find me

:iconmissbluebee: Old Main (still gos on. so if you like mario related fanart and fan characters. thats a place to go/ aswell as some orginal stupid comics)
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Tumblr- (art tumblr)
Regular Tumblr- (Warning. Lots of Inapropiate things like dicks shows up on my main tumblr. so if you don't want that showing up on your dashboard. sometimes in large burst. then don't follow cause i hardly tag things )
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Fantastic Fanart Corner

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Umm hi i was wondering if you could make me a cloud dragon? cause i've seen yours and the look so cool and cute but i never have enough points to get one? so can i? or are you to busy? Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] Shy Bonnie Shy Fluttershy Free avvie Yuuta Togashi (Shy Blush) [V1] Romano (Shy) [V2] Haruka Saigusa (Shy) [V3] 
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