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September 27, 2012
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AU Lucien Byion by TheLittlehoneybee AU Lucien Byion by TheLittlehoneybee
((The tattoo shown, is what is on his arm. to get a better look of it, and yes its a pynix picture i found on da..but i lots the oringal link. im sorry QAQ it came up when i put the search in google!!))

Name: Lucien Byion

Age: 21- 22

Race: Half Asian/Half white (mother full asian, father half asian half white)

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Status: Dating Luka Byrd ( ThunderBird -Tucker Byrd's youngest son)

Occupation: Majors in Sculpting and visual arts. Dos alot of cutsom molds and figuriens for TG (tradicional gamers) that go to the store he works part time at, which is a gaming store.

Personality: Fun kinda guy, is one of the kinda person he dosn't know what he wants, but he knows that he wants it right now. Can come off as a jerk cause alot of his jokes can be inapropiate, but he is a nice guy, always looks out for the ones he cares most about, and is mature when he needs to be. Dosn't think highly about himself, but acts like he thinks hes the best thing sence sliced bread. Is a secret anime fanboy, total nerd, and loves to go to conventions and cosplay.

Mannerisims: Dos not have a thick accent, but has a little one from knowing japanes as a second (practicly first) language and that his mother has one and it kinda just wore on him. When angry speaks in nothing but japanes, also when drunk. (dosn't know any other language saids its to hard to learn more XD) Very fast talker (in both languages)

Appearance: Light skin, jet black hair, though will dye it random colors, like blue, green, red or anything that suits his fancy. has to bleach it when he dos. Has no peircings but wants some. has one tattoo which is a blue phynix that wraps from his chest down his arm. plans on getting more of those aswell. tattoo was made from his buddy cy.

(creadit to the tattoo gos to whoever first drew it, and luciens pose, cause diana drew it, cause i suck horrible : D enjoy )

((more info as I develop him))
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Ooh, I like your tattoo! ^3^
(oh mah...god,he's hot!))
(( :iconiwantitplz: ...can't...stop..staring..his sexiness, it's too much! )
((mmmm Lucien be lookin' goooood =u= ))
((hes so amazing! O3O (trys to reach over to poke) i must touch!! ))
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