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Submitted on
August 18, 2012


31 (who?)
That is right!! you heir me right.

I want to do a picture that shows the big flower guarden that the honey collecting bees go to and harvest all year long.
Only problem is, i can't think of what some other bees would look like, that might join nic and his mother in collecting nector to make their honey.
This is where you guys come in. Here is the deal with the contest

Design a bee. Either a Honey collecting bee, or a wasp Guard.
You can do one of both, but if so they must be done in the same picture.
You are only limited to two, characters made.
But your limited to one bee, or one wasp
(and twins count as both slots so no cheating on that one ;3 )
And if there is enof partcipents, i will chose 3 winners.

:star: Rules :star:

Draw a picture with a bee character, has to be full body, colored, and a clear picture (meaning you can do it tradicianel, but if i can't make out the picture due to your camera messed it up, you will have to do it agein)

Make it clear they are either a honey collector, or a wasp guard. You got to add the nector collector or the weapon in the picture.

Must be bees, Either human, or medium (no small bees ), and nothing crud (no nudity, or anything x rated)

Must get in by deadline.

Must include "Bee Contest" in the tital

You can use information that is given on these askprincehoneybee.deviantart.c… and askprincehoneybee.deviantart.c… as guidlines on what to do when it comes to a bee in the bizzy bee kingdom. Any questions on anything just ask me.

:star: Prizes :star:

1st Prize: Shown in the group collecting picture. Additional picture colored and full body of your oc with mine (your bee). Being Featured in a question.

2nd Prize: shown in the group collecting picture, middle ground. A sketch of your bee and mine. being fetured in a question

3rd prize: shown in the group collecting picture, background. A headshot sketch of your bee. Featured in a question. (though it might not be full body)

:star: Due Date :star:
      August 31st

:star: Entries :star:
:iconaskthe-plushy-king:  askthe-plushy-king.deviantart.…
:iconask-rachel-raccoon: ask-rachel-raccoon.deviantart.…
:iconask-blue-ghostfly: askthewaspprincess.deviantart.…
:iconask-molly-hyoomen: ask-molly-hyoomen.deviantart.c…
:iconaskfeliofthetrees: askfeliofthetrees.deviantart.c…
:iconask-whillathepeacock: ask-whillathepeacock.deviantar…
:iconasktheshyprincess: asktheshyprincess.deviantart.c…
:iconask-pixie-princess: ask-pixie-princess.deviantart.…
:iconask-sweet-the-human: ask-sweet-the-human.deviantart…
:iconask-olive-and-oliver: ask-olive-and-oliver.deviantar…
:iconkluckyducky: askelectricicecream.deviantart…
:iconask-skullprincess: ask-skullprincess.deviantart.c…
:iconask-princepolarbear: ask-princepolarbear.deviantart…
:iconask-starlyntheastron: ask-starlyntheastron.deviantar…
:iconprince-mushroom-cap: prince-mushroom-cap.deviantart…
:iconask-magnus-the-troll: ask-magnus-the-troll.deviantar…

Comment in this journal if you are going to participate.
and if you say you are, please do.
I want alteast over 5 entrys (done) before i will desided to close this contest.

So i hope people join, cause i woudl like to see what people come up with.

When done, either send threw note, or message
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marshmellobunny6 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student Artist
i tried so heres my entry [link]
angel2084 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Here's my entry [link] :icontinoplz:
dino-star Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
(( HAHAHA, there, I drew something; [link]

Uhggu, more girl bees, how original of me TTnTT ))
[link] Here's my MASTERPIECE! Haha no.
FANtasticJESSY Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
[link] here is my entry for the bee contest
askBero Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
here is my entry
[link] ))
TheLittlehoneybee Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012   Digital Artist
( first not humanoid bee in the contest.
for that, you get a cookie :cookie: *tosses a cookie at you* )
askBero Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
*gasps* OH BOY! A COOKIE! Thank you miss! ))
Crap I wanna do 2 collecting bees but I cant! :( )
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